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About us

PT Wira Adiperkasa is one of the largest equipment rental companies in Indonesia. Established in 2010, we used to be one of the largest used equipment trader specialising in heavy equipment rental. Our mission is being the leading Mining Solution  Provider in the Mining industry. For more than one decades, we have served as a vital partner for our customers in the Rental Heavy Equipment included maintenance and manpower. We have built a high level of customer trust and satisfaction through our equipment availability and reliability, maintenace service, and provider of manpower.

Our continuous developments and improvements together with our phenomenal growth in the Heavy Equipment rental industry are evidence of our commitment to offering you a comprehensive range of services and solution with valuable benefits.

We deliver the equipment you need and provide a superior level of customer service. We help you do your jobs more efficiently and more profitably.

At PT. Wira Adiperkasa, we aspire to be the best player in the industry, not the biggest.



We are ready to serve and cooperate with each client in providing integrated leasing heavy equipment, ranging from the preparation stage to the implementation of mining operations.

PT. Wira Adiperkasa serving leasing heavy equipment for mining operations and Maintenance services tools and mining equipment, nationwide.

Excellence of our services include:

  • System rental and maintenance of heavy equipment that is very flexible and can be changed as desired / client request, to supply heavy equipment and spare parts.
  • Willing and able to serve the mining projects in remote areas or to the natural conditions are very challenging.
  • Extensive experience in the service, ranging from large corporations to small-scale firms.
  • In the presence of our group, we are superior in maintenance service unit. because our group is engaged in the sale of spare parts in the area of ​​Kalimantan.
    So easy and quick maintenance problems or damage the unit will soon be resolved without having to wait too long.